July 27, 2007

Anyone Can Cook!

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Ratatouille PosterI am so happy Pixar’s latest offering in feature films is very entertaining with an appealing story. After the dissatisfying movie Cars, no one could guarantee Pixar could match the success and brilliance of The Incredibles. But thanks to Brad Bird, (the same director and writer of Incredibles) their latest movie, RATATOUILLE didn’t disappoint.

Better tell Brad Bird to make some room on his awards cabinet because this movie will surely bag him another of those golden statues. Mr. Bird is an outstanding animation director and writer. His latest creation, Ratatouille is possibly one of the finest animated films in Pixar’s arsenal. I came into the movie expecting a good movie, I was delightfully wrong…It was great!

At first view of the trailers, I didn’t know how a rat could possibly become a chef. Remy (the main rat character) maybe blessed with heightened sense of smell and impeccable taste, unfortunately he is still a rat. Obviously, a rat isn’t the most pleasing sight in a kitchen so it’s an awkward story with an odd premise for a big budget cartoon. But still, Ratatouille delivers on so many levels that both the kids and their parents would appreciate it. I do have a complaint. I got the impression that Ratatouille is a foodie movie; it’s about the passion for food, but it contains very few actual references to food or recipes.

Nonetheless, this is definitely a must see. Ratatouille presents a feast for animation fans. The film gives us a fabulous restaurant kitchen set with every infinitesimal detail worked out. It’s a richly designed tapestry that will leave viewers breathless and salivating. It continues the recent trend of A-level animated pictures raising the visual bar. With human beings looking ever more like their real-life counterparts, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the future of computer generated animation may know no boundaries. The stunningly rendered images in a story chock-full of surprises and unforgettable characters truly surpasses, make up for the terrible after taste left by Shrek the Third.

The characters were well voiced and well developed. The character Anton Ego, voiced by Peter O’Toole deserves special notice. Mr. O’Toole’s performance was exceptional. His character also delivers an interesting monologue about critics that could be seen as applying to more than those who review restaurants. Chef Anton Gusteau’s (Remy’s inspiration) motto despite its simplicity speaks of the whole premise of the movie, “Anyone can cook!” This is where the story revolves, it is the battle for excellence of the main character against mediocrity and that genius can turn up in the unlikeliest of places. The music also plays an important role. It completes the experience and heightens the action.

A visual delicacy, Ratatouille is a light treat for the family who is hungry for some spicy script, sweet characters, and savory action scenes. It is definitely one of the greatest food movies of all time.

It gets 4.5 out of 5 or 90% infectious



  1. paolomendoza said,

    i read somewhere that it was really good. haven’t gotten the chance to watch it though. heck, i haven’t even seen transformers, it was sold out last sunday so i ended up watching Chuck and Larry which was hilarious.

  2. andianka said,

    congratulations on your movie review blog premiere? hahaha!

    after reading this post you’ve enticed me with enough details making me want to definitely watch this movie. i have been a big fan of 3D animation especially silly cartoons like this one and many more. a kid at heart forever. 😀

    eway.. may this blog grow with more movies to come.

  3. Rhey said,

    i havent seen it! so im not reading it! hehehehe

  4. jae said,

    I’m a bit disappointed it’s a not a foodie movie but will watch it nonetheless. =)

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