August 5, 2007

If The Sun Dies, So Do We.

Posted in Movies, Sci-Fi, Suspense at 3:20 pm by inflickted

Sunshine It has been a while since I last viewed a movie of this variety in the genre of Science Fiction. As of late, when we mention Sci-Fi, we think of Star Wars or Star Trek. Although both are great additions to the genus, I have always craved for the return of reality in the “science” facet of “Science Fiction.” This is where Sunshine succeeds. This throw back to the classic definition of the genre was a welcome sight to behold indeed. This is what can be considered a thinking person’s Sci-Fi thriller that can deliver what is expected.

The movie offers a chilling look into the future (only five decades from now), and to an eventual end of humanity due the impending death of our Sun. Our only hope lies in a crew of good looking specialists and scientists who will reignite the star with a stellar bomb.

Actors such as Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans, Rose Byrne, Hiroyuki Sanada and the lovely Michelle Yeoh are some of those beautiful experts. The Director Danny Boyle who gave us movies such as 28 Days Later and Trainspotting, has practically excelled in every genre. He’s wickedly good at making you jump and squirm in your seat, which he does often in “Sunshine,” but he tends to avoid tapping into deep wells of emotion.

His cleverness is most evident in the divine orchestration of the dynamic editing, the fluid camerawork and unnerving sound design. As the ship moves closer to the Sun, and people and things begin to fall apart the tension increases exponentially. Sunshine offers a gripping adventure as man struggles against nature and circumstances to stay alive. While technology plays a big part in this struggle, it’s essentially about how a crew of eight can overcome one setback after another to keep things on target. There are a few nice character-building scenes, but we don’t learn a lot more about the crewmembers than is necessary to keep the story moving forward. Contrary to what some might think regarding a seemingly straightforward tale about a spaceship flying form point A to point B, there’s plenty of suspense. The challenges to stay alive and on course are sufficient.

There was a constant juxtaposition of light and darkness. There were scenes were the sun shown so brightly that the screen was bleached by its brightness. On some other scenes, darkness cloaked the environment. The special effects are note-worthy, offering a believable backdrop of the space and the crew’s vast spaceship. While the unfathomable burning brightness of the sun bathes the whole picture in flashes of cinematic dazzle, Boyle and his team ground the story in details chosen for their sophisticated, underplayed authenticity. It was definitely believable, which greatly mattered to me.

However, in the final 30 minutes of the film, a demented religious fanatic of a villain was introduced whose only objective is to stop them from reaching their objectives. The arrival of this new character definitely pumped up the suspense in the final phase of the story, but slightly doesn’t fit together with the rest of the story.

All in all, Sunshine revolves around the ideas of scientific progress, ethics, sacrifice, commitment, and the limits of rationality. The movie, for me, achieved its goal. There were several questions I wanted answers to and some inconsistencies or irregularities, but other than that it was engaging, intelligent and definitely entertaining. Like I said, Sunshine is a sight to behold!


A bright 3.8 out of 5 or 76% infectious



  1. Paris said,

    I’ve read somewhere that the Sun might expand in Mars, Venus, Earth & Mercury orbits. Scary @_@ I’m not really a sci-fi movie fan especially when the topic is destruction of life. Aww~

  2. Jayclops said,

    Paris, the sun will explode n a thousand years, yes. It will have to turn red then boom! black hole. But don’t fret, I think our generation would have been gone by that time!

  3. REX said,

    Sa sine mo ba pinanood to? Recently? If yes, that’s weird. I already watched this last April sa sinehan, kasabay ng Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo..

    Yeah, I liked it too.. Creepy yung bigla na lang nagka excess passengers, haha!

  4. rhey said,

    ooh i just bought this dvd.:)

  5. paolomendoza said,

    i’m not a fan of sci-fi movies.. but this one sure had some good reviews, including yours. so we’ll see.

    i was also wondering.. why not put a tagboard here or a place where people can ask you to review their own movies. My faves being ‘City of God’ and ‘the Godfather.’ also that way you can post here regularly. i like this blog… alot!

  6. inflickted said,

    Great Idea Paolo. I will definitely do that! 🙂

  7. shinjishinji said,

    Sunshine was an awesome flick. Great kick-ass Science Fiction Slasher. Hahaha! Oh yeah, thanks for dropping by my blog.

  8. Jhed said,

    Sunshine. Mediocre if you ask me. LOL! The only good thing about this movie is Chris Evans. He’s hotter than the sun! Too bad he died. LOL! Oh, how he died was kinda ironic.. he FROZE to death. LOL! To think they were near the sun. :))

  9. Juice said,

    I admit, I watched the press documentary of this movie and wanted to see it because of Chris Evans and Rose Byrne, who I think are really underrated actors. Then as I watched it more, I was kind of curious because the last Sci-Fi movie I really liked was The Fifth Element and I don’t think it even counts as one. Hahaha :p

    I agree with Paolo, I have so many movies I want you to review! Hahaha.

  10. shinjishinji said,

    Sure man, I could review something from Cinemanila. Though I don’t know if i am good at reviewing. I suck because I tend to love em all! hahahah. Onga no, minsan lang ako magalit sa isang pelikula.

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