September 22, 2007

No One Lasts More Than An Hour

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1408One might argue in the technicality of the differences of a gothic movie, a ghost story and a horror flick. But for me, if it tackles and exploits human fear…It’s a horror… So, in a long string of gore and bloody terror, let us gently lay down our chainsaws, butcher’s knives and blow torches for just a moment and bear witness to a truly scary movie.

“1408” is one of my most anticipated horror films for this year. The old-gothic feel of the movie was just appealing to me because of it was a great change in the steady phase of Hostel, Severance, Vacancy, and The Hills Have Eyes. And so, my review, like the song, that eerie song that keeps being played by the old clock radio…”We’ve only just begun…”

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September 1, 2007

Sometimes the only way to move forward, is to go back.

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AGTRYSThe movie “A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints,” like its title, is crafty, profound and at times unclear. This ode to the youth is from the writer and first time director Dito Montiel. The movie was loosely based on his autobiographical account of growing up in a multiethnic neighborhood where violence is the pulse beneath the skin, and eventually leaving everything for a better life.

This film is filled with emotional truths and improvised conversations. It is an imperfect creation of nostalgia and melancholy where the director had all the freedom he desired to remake a poignant story. It is so evocative of youth it makes you think you’ve been to this place and time before, even if you haven’t. This boldly flawed indie spouts attitude at every scene.

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