May 26, 2008

Armor Up. Fully Charged.

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Iron ManIt is so rare that I am blown away by a movie. Usually, I love a movie because of its deep evocative story line, or maybe the stellar performance from the actors or maybe the excellent direction and cinematography. Rarer even that it is a mainstream movie. “Iron Man” captures a piece of excellence in every category, leaving me stunned and speechless. If you can’t tell yet, I loved the movie. It is a masterpiece among its peers and fulfills every need of a movie-goer.

The thing about “Iron Man” is that, without Robert Downey Jr., it wouldn’t have worked. Despite the great effects, excellent direction, soundtrack and script, you just can’t see it without Robert Downey Jr. But of course, the actor is also nothing without all the things I’ve mentioned. This is what you call perfect chemistry. Ha! I can’t believe you can already tell the rating I’m gonna give based on the first two paragraphs! Please, stay and continue reading how much the movie made me swoon for “Iron Man!”

The movie, directed by Jon Favreau – who directed “Elf” and “Zathura” – gave proper contemplation and thought on how to approach this lesser known comic book superhero (compared to Superman and Batman) and make the audience care for the man behind the robotic armor. Thanks to his tight direction, Iron Man hits the sweet spot between the dark psychological world of Batman and the heroic righteousness of Superman. He allows his actors the room to develop solid characters who relate to each other as strongly as if they were doing an intimate drama. Yet nothing is weighed down – with a quick toss of the screenwriters’ pens, the well-timed dialogue shifts to the light. The film was smooth, engaging and finely detailed. He lets us in on how the suit is developed in almost real detail (forget the radioactive spider and mutant powers).

The actors owned the screen. You see and feel Tony Stark’s narcissism, determination and charm. Played by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark (Iron Man) was what you would expect if you pulled him out of a comic book. Downey Jr.’s comic timing and unabashed confidence is virtually flawless and fits perfectly between scenes. Gwyneth Paltrow played Pepper Potts, Stark’s efficient, loving and even funny assistant. Her dry chemistry with our hero is absolutely amusing. And for the villain, we have the deviously kind Obadiah, played by Jeff Bridges who does so impeccably. Even Stark’s machines and programs somehow gain a semblance of personalities.

The CG effects were seamless. I’ve watched the movie four times already and I am yet to notice the transition from real to CG. The crisp action scenes, great visuals, spectacular camera angles and camera work complete this film. Aside from the expected technology showcases, such as the suit itself, there are unexpected delights. The best may be the hologram-generating computer that Tony uses to refine his design in 3-D using a strictly hands-on method right down to a virtual garbage can for deleted elements.

One particular point I want to emphasize and also where the movie succeeds is that it pleases the three main audiences of marvel based live action films: The casual movie-goer, the cynical critic and the die-hard comic fan. There is no doubt that I enjoyed the movie thoroughly, and I can’t stop gushing over it. There is no surprise in its box office success. I am sure everyone will be waiting for its sequel while we welcome this new franchise. Let’s just pray that they do not rush the sequel, and hopefully delivers as triumphantly as the first one did.

It gets a kick-ass 4.9 out of 5 or 98% infectious


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  1. paolo said,

    damn. this is such a great review. i wanna watch the movie again… you should totally make a living off of this jigs.

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