June 18, 2008

We’ve Sensed It. We’ve Seen The Signs. Now… It’s Happening.

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M. Knight. Shyamalan has been touted as the next Alfred Hitchcock of movies because of his subtlety in translating horror, thrill and suspense into the big screen. A great example of this is his widely successful and absolutely spine chilling horror, “Sixth Sense.” Ever since then, Shyamalan has been praised for his great attention to character development, creepy moments and twist endings.

Unfortunately, the promising director has been losing his touch with his other offerings. “Unbreakable” was only mildly successful, “Signs” was the same, “The Village” was not as good as hoped and “Lady in the Water” was unimpressive, to say the least. One thing I do notice is that there are certain aspects of the movie which are really good, but in the whole, it cannot be saved by these few gems.

For his latest offering Shyamalan brings back to us his idea of making something so innocuous, be so frightening. Hopefully his downward spiral ends here. This is the review for “The Happening.”

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June 10, 2008

Everything You Know Is About To Change Forever.

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Prince Caspian“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” is the second movie loosely based (there are a lot of discrepancies between the film and the book) from the fantasy series of author C.S. Lewis. Like the first of the franchise, the strength of this fantasy adventure lies in the juxtaposition of two separate worlds and our ability to view Narnia through the eyes of the four young protagonists. You experience their lives, exploits and their hearts. What more do you expect from the author and Disney?

So with any other epic film, you’d expect grand fight sequences, spectacular effects and dramatic themes and storylines. Prince Caspian definitely belongs to this category and definitely delivers on what is asked of it. It is safe to say that this sequel is better. But by not much.

One line can summarize my whole review: “Too many fights, not enough magic.”

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June 7, 2008

Prepare For Awesomeness

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KF PandaFinally a summer blockbuster movie for the kiddies! Wait… It’s for adults too?! Seriously?! Awesome! Kung Fu fanboys get another serving of glorious fight scenes and lots of martial arts; but this time, it’s more vibrant, colorful and hilarious! A familiar story with a great new package, Dreamworks brings forth pandemonium with “Kung Fu Panda!”

I love seeing the more rounded characters get into the spotlight for something other than being spherical. As goes my adapted pseudo-dictum, “I’m in shape! Round is a shape!” Though its story is almost like anything you would expect from a family oriented cartoon movie, the movie delivers it with much gusto and action that it all seems new!  I adore the coolness and “Bodacity” of this movie. Filled with high kicks, swift punches and talking animals, “Kung Fu Panda” is pure awesome! And…as the movie states… There is no charge for awesomeness!”

Disclaimer: The word “awesome” will be used excessively!

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June 6, 2008

Harold Crick Isn’t Ready To Go. Period.

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Stranger Than Fiction“Stranger Than Fiction” is a film which entertained my eyes as well as my mind. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the fact that Will Ferrell is playing a leading role where in comedy is not the main facet of his character. The movie basically takes a gimmick and makes it touching, which is kind of a role we don’t normally see Will Ferrell in.

An offbeat fantasy, “Stranger Than Fiction” is a romantic comedy which delivers on both (romance and comedy); then completely surpasses your expectations from the genre. There are some glitches here and there in the overall story, but the appeal of the film remains. This was unexpectedly wonderful and fun at the same time. This is my looong overdue request-a-review of the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.”

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June 3, 2008

He’s Back…

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Indiana JonesSummer blockbusters have gained the notoriety for being “critic-resistant”. Big budget flicks which offer spectacular distractions for the entertainment craved masses, and no matter how bad the critics say the movie is, it still manages to make money.

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is the embodiment of a summer blockbuster. It is the long awaited and much dreamt about 4th follow-up on the Indiana Jones franchise. I have seen two of the previous sequels (“Raiders…” and “Last Crusade”) and they were beyond great, especially the first one.  Many have wondered whether Harrison Ford still has it in him to create another awesome adventure movie despite his age. As I entered the movie theatre, I did not expect the movie to surpass the first installment, but I did expect it to be a great sequel; which it was.

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June 2, 2008


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Speed Racer

I am telling you now I am unfamiliar with the English-adapted-anime-turned-movie called Speed Racer. But I do have some idea. I’ve seen show on cartoon network (although I didn’t really watch it). I remember that the cartoon is very shallow (plot-wise) and the voice actors are seemingly on crack as they issue their lines.

And the movie isn’t different. Spectacular Saturation is a great way of describing the action and the effects the movie has to offer. But at the same time, the film is challenged by its limited script. Speed Racer challenges us to see the movie in the different perspectives of a movie-goer. One may see it as an offering which is all style but no substance and dismiss it. Another is based on the notion that the style’s scope is so innovative and intricate that it is seemingly art. Of course each perspective is to their own and cannot be imposed. So which is mine?

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