June 3, 2008

He’s Back…

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Indiana JonesSummer blockbusters have gained the notoriety for being “critic-resistant”. Big budget flicks which offer spectacular distractions for the entertainment craved masses, and no matter how bad the critics say the movie is, it still manages to make money.

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is the embodiment of a summer blockbuster. It is the long awaited and much dreamt about 4th follow-up on the Indiana Jones franchise. I have seen two of the previous sequels (“Raiders…” and “Last Crusade”) and they were beyond great, especially the first one.  Many have wondered whether Harrison Ford still has it in him to create another awesome adventure movie despite his age. As I entered the movie theatre, I did not expect the movie to surpass the first installment, but I did expect it to be a great sequel; which it was.

Once again, the main actor was essential for the film. The whole Indiana Jones series wouldn’t have been successful without Ford. Having said that, one cannot expect “Crystal Skull” to surpass “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” The filmmakers chose wisely to make the movie only as good as it can be with their 65 year old lead actor in mind. I think the more they tried, the more they had room to fail, and so instead of making the best possible Indiana Jones film, they simply made an Indiana Jones film – which, paradoxically, is the best it could possibly be.

Harrison Ford was completely in his element. Equipped with his amazing energy, and comedic style, he brought back  to life the story of Indiana Jones. Shia LaBeouf was undeniably entertaining as Mutt because he provides some comic relief and an interesting, though not unexpected connection to Indy.  He also looked really peculiar as a greaser. Of course one of my favorite actors, Cate Blanchett was Irina Spalko, the wicked Russian villain of the movie; and a great villain at that. Her facial expressions, cold demeanor and icy cruel eyes made her a malevolent presence despite that haircut. Karen Allen returns to her iconic role of Marion Ravenwood, and she has enough energy and sass to keep up with Harrison Ford. There seems to be a preparation for future sequels (or a spinoff maybe) for the character of Mutt who picks up Indy’s hat at the end of the film, but doesn’t wear it quite yet.

A better performance than the actors, by far, is the work of the incredible team behind the camera. Because of them the film surely looks and sounds and feels like an Indiana Jones film. The landscapes, the sweeping camera work, the excellent fight scenes and the superb background sounds and effects totally coated the film in Indy appeal. I could have done without the CG monkeys though. Thanks to the direction of Steven Spielberg the 4th movie is not really disjointed from the previous three, but a blood relative which you may have not seen for while, yet completely recognize.

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is just about the best we could have hoped for after 19 years, a satisfyingly minor continuation of the finest action-adventure franchise of the modern era. I watched the whole two hours and 4 minutes of the movie with a grin on my face. I loved the movie and I can overlook its lack of a proper storyline. It may not be better than the first three but this most anticipated movie of the summer is a definite must-see!

It gets an whip-cracking 4.5 out of 5 or 90% infectious



  1. paolo said,

    i heard this was good.. but i’m thinking of saving my money until after the people pack it up.

  2. gonzo said,

    great movie! harrison ford looks good at 65 years old. and shia is so cute! go shia!

    you have nice reviews! goodluck!

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