June 6, 2008

Harold Crick Isn’t Ready To Go. Period.

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Stranger Than Fiction“Stranger Than Fiction” is a film which entertained my eyes as well as my mind. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the fact that Will Ferrell is playing a leading role where in comedy is not the main facet of his character. The movie basically takes a gimmick and makes it touching, which is kind of a role we don’t normally see Will Ferrell in.

An offbeat fantasy, “Stranger Than Fiction” is a romantic comedy which delivers on both (romance and comedy); then completely surpasses your expectations from the genre. There are some glitches here and there in the overall story, but the appeal of the film remains. This was unexpectedly wonderful and fun at the same time. This is my looong overdue request-a-review of the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.”

Marc Foster, the director who gave us films like “Finding Neverland” and “Monster Ball” presents another great movie. Thanks to his guidance, the movie restrained its fanciful elements in order to maximize the comedic elements. But the comedic elements were tamed enough or smart enough to make sure you get to know the main characters and their emotions.

There were also great performances across the board. Harold Crick, played by Will Ferrell is the IRS agent who has basically not lived his life to the fullest. Will Ferrell pulls true humanity from his role. One of his best performances to date, despite being more dramatic than his usual roles, Ferrell does not leave his comedic prowess behind. Kay Eiffel, played by Emma Thompson is not so different from Harold Crick. She  is the author and narrator who has no friends and lives an empty life. Emma Thompson gives the movie the much needed substance. She effectively conveys the fact that Eiffel’s well being is in just as much peril as her creation’s. Maggie Gyllenhall plays Ana Pascal, Harold’s love interest, which she acts out effectively. Queen Latifah and Dustin Hoffman also deliver good solid performances.

There are some shortcomings of the movie; like the fact that Harold Crick’s life is supposed to be this masterpiece of the modern time, when nothing much “astounding” really happens. Also, the story ends on a weak note, despite having started so strong. However, the characters have long before endeared themselves to the audience that they’ll probably be all too forgiving.

This is a startling movie with an impressive depth I never expected. The script is intelligent and well paced. The movie is smart enough to intermingle the light-heartedness in such a way as to never distill the drama of the piece. At the same time, it never takes itself so seriously as to become depressing. It’s a delicate and rarely achieved balance that is so fully realized in “Stranger Than Fiction.” The movie’s true strength  though, lies in the fact that it keeps its focus where it belongs: on the words and the actors.

It strangely gets a 4.1 out of 5 or 82% infectious


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  1. mentholGUY said,

    Bitin ata review mo, but I got your point anyway.

    Maggie Gyllenhaal acted so GOOD and CONVINCING as a baker (or something like it who bakes cupcakes). She’s really pretty and boyish and HAWT and all. Lol.

    I love that movie. It’s mentally challenging for me – suspense, thrilling, witty.

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