June 7, 2008

Prepare For Awesomeness

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KF PandaFinally a summer blockbuster movie for the kiddies! Wait… It’s for adults too?! Seriously?! Awesome! Kung Fu fanboys get another serving of glorious fight scenes and lots of martial arts; but this time, it’s more vibrant, colorful and hilarious! A familiar story with a great new package, Dreamworks brings forth pandemonium with “Kung Fu Panda!”

I love seeing the more rounded characters get into the spotlight for something other than being spherical. As goes my adapted pseudo-dictum, “I’m in shape! Round is a shape!” Though its story is almost like anything you would expect from a family oriented cartoon movie, the movie delivers it with much gusto and action that it all seems new!  I adore the coolness and “Bodacity” of this movie. Filled with high kicks, swift punches and talking animals, “Kung Fu Panda” is pure awesome! And…as the movie states… There is no charge for awesomeness!”

Disclaimer: The word “awesome” will be used excessively!

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! LoLz! At a brisk and appropriate 88 minutes (unlike other movies of late), this computer-animated DreamWorks film is infectious and inspiring, despite one’s best efforts to resist its charms. They once again flex their animation biceps and prove that they are not that far behind from the powerhouse that is Pixar. It is a great achievement for the directors Mark Osborne and John Stevenson, as well as the entire production and design team. They do a wonderful, stunning job creating a world true to the classic kung fu movies of the past including art work, title sequences, design of the village, music and so much more!

Jack Black lends his awesome comedic talent to one awesome panda, “Po”! One-liners are splattered everywhere with each and every one of them stamped with the Jack Black seal of humor. Black, being an awesomely funny and animated actor, was born to play this role. Let’s not forget the rest of the cast though. Dustin Hoffman is terrific, giving a real and funny performance as martial arts master Shifu. Po’s dad, voiced with loving cluelessness by James Hong was charming and outstanding. Our great villain Tai Lung is menachingly voiced by Ian McShane. Unfortunately, very little is to be said about the rest, especially of the Furious Five, namely, Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Crane (David Cross), Monkey (Jackie Chan), Mantis (Seth Rogen) and Viper (Lucy Liu). I meant that literally because they all had very little script. Angelina Jolie had some good scenes but basically all she contributed to the movie was her name. However, it also should be said that there’s not much for them to do. This is Po’s show, and that’s fine by me.

The movie was undoubtedly awesome. The opening fantasy sequence is an eye-popping breath-taker! Awesomeness at its finest! Then to the characters; they were amazingly detailed and very expressive. I loved Po’s expressions of bravado and nervous uncertainty! LoLz! The animation is stunning. The backdrops, settings are beautiful and full of bright Chinese images. Oh, don’t think I forgot the fight scenes…The fight scenes…are…awesome…Awesome choreography, awesome moments, and awesome slow motions! I was at the edge of my seat every time and left me wanting more. The montage was entertaining and hilarious, the prison break was exciting and suspenseful, the chopsticks battle was inspired and the suspension bridge fight was so imaginatively done. Everything culminates in this singular epic battle between our plump hero and villain which is summarized in one word,


I was completely won over by the charisma of Po and the movie in general. I left the theatre feeling great and any further thought about Kung Fu Panda – warms my heart. You can’t ask much more of a film than that. It will keep the parental units in their seats…and the kids, jump out of them in excitement. This is definitely one of Dreamwork’s best animated movies since Shrek, maybe better dare I say. At least I’m sure it’s better than Speed Racer and even Indy 4 (and probably Narnia 2 since I wanted to make this review first even if I saw Narnia earlier).

So, if you like Kung Fu, talking animals and the word “awesome,” you too will,

“go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness.”

I gets an awesomely awesome 4.7 out of 5 or 94% infectious



  1. gonzo said,

    i liked narnia, prince caspian, but thanks to your review i have to watch kung fu panda to see if its better!

  2. andianka said,

    im left wanting more… so true. as in, at the end of the movie you’re left craving for more. and i agree… jack black’s humor radiates throughout the movie. so fun! fun! and the way you said it… AWESOME. sad though that the furious five has very little roles noh? oh well..

    it’s all about the secret ingredient nga… diba? to be able to enjoy this movie even more… hehehe…

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