July 12, 2008

There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there’s…

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Here’s a question, why is it, despite Will Smith’s charisma and box office success, he hasn’t played a superhero until now? Plus, the role he plays is a drunk, insensitive a-hole of a superhero. It could be the lack of a “proper” role to play, or maybe because of traditionalist reasons. It could even be a racial thing, but let’s leave that kind of politics to the children. Whatever the case maybe, Hollywood has a way of creating something somewhat original from a pool of what’s already been done. And finally, we see Will Smith in tights and with super powers.

We get a movie about a superhero who isn’t really much of a hero. The film makers treat the genre in a more realistic light, by continuously asking the question: What would a man with superpowers do in a world where he is the only one of his kind? And also, what if the people in that world didn’t like him? It would be an insight – ironically – into the human psyche of a super being living in a mortal world. It has a great premise to back up the great actor. This is my review of the movie, “Hancock”.

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July 6, 2008

Choose Your Destiny.

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All summer blockbuster movies should aim for one description to be attached to their name: “KICK-ASS.” “Iron Man” was kick-ass, “Narnia” was kick-ass, “Kung-Fu Panda” was kick-ass! Don’t bore me with overly serious movies; this isn’t the time to vie for an Oscar. Make me laugh, get my blood pumping, excite me. ENTERTAIN ME. That’s it. Thankfully, “Wanted” was exactly what I…(wait for it)…wanted!

The movie “Wanted” is one incredible serving of action with a major dose of blood splattering violence. It. Is. Relentless. With all aspects! The Action, The Story, The Actors, The Cinematography, and did I say The Bloody Action?! Films like this should be the standard for future and all Summer Blockbuster movies. This is an outright action fest of sensory enchantment, carnal killing and orgasmic delight. This is my review of the flick “Wanted.”


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Saving The World…And Loving It.

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According to the film gods, “Get Smart” is a big-screen adaptation of Mel Brook’s spy parody television series with the same name. Although I am unfamiliar with the said TV series, I am a fan of Steve Carell’s dead-pan type of comedy. So it wasn’t difficult to convince myself that the movie is going to be funny and that Carell’s brand of comedy will be seen throughout the movie.

The film can be considered a nostalgic trip to those who saw the 1960’s TV show, but to us unfortunate youth, we are treated to a slapstick blockbuster filled with humor, action, and goofy dialogues. Get Smart is yet another welcome addition to this year’s summer film season.

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July 5, 2008

You’ll Like Him When He’s Angry

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The Incredible Huly

“The Hulk” was once brought to the big screen by the great Ang Lee five years ago. However, his take on the marvel character was a disappointing one because it did not stick to the comic book-like storytelling and delivery. But I guess, the movie grossed enough to warrant a second take on this not-so-jolly green giant anti-hero.

Special effects and primal rage dominate the summer’s second movie about a Marvel Comics super hero. This Hulk movie can be defined with one word, “adequate.” It’s nowhere as well written or as involving as its Marvel predecessor, “Iron Man” but it’s also not without its good points. An excess of drippy romance notwithstanding, The Incredible Hulk is the kind of straightforward popcorn movie that any hot blooded teen will certainly enjoy.

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