July 5, 2008

You’ll Like Him When He’s Angry

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The Incredible Huly

“The Hulk” was once brought to the big screen by the great Ang Lee five years ago. However, his take on the marvel character was a disappointing one because it did not stick to the comic book-like storytelling and delivery. But I guess, the movie grossed enough to warrant a second take on this not-so-jolly green giant anti-hero.

Special effects and primal rage dominate the summer’s second movie about a Marvel Comics super hero. This Hulk movie can be defined with one word, “adequate.” It’s nowhere as well written or as involving as its Marvel predecessor, “Iron Man” but it’s also not without its good points. An excess of drippy romance notwithstanding, The Incredible Hulk is the kind of straightforward popcorn movie that any hot blooded teen will certainly enjoy.

This new Hulk is directed by Louis Leterrier, who also directed Transporter 2 and Jet Li’s martial arts drama Unleashed, so you know he’s more welcome to giving what the audience wants. He delivers an action movie that has just enough character development and a whole lot of bashing and smashing. Everything here sticks close to the formula that has proven to be so successful in other comic book adaptations.

Once again, like Iron Man, we are fortunate to get a talented actor portraying the lead role. Edward Norton gives a powerful performance. He shows the much needed human emotion to the CGI Hulk. Unfortunately, he can only do so much since we all want to see him turn green and wreak havoc. Liv Tyler is also “adequate,” delivering a performance which keeps up with Norton. If only the two had some chemistry. Tim Roth was also equally good and in my opinion, a better villain. We finally get to see an enemy which can match up to the size of the Hulk.

All the effects are pretty good, but still isn’t that convincing at times. I’m going to say now that all the battle and chase scenes are grand. These are the totally implausible action scenes which are great fun and what most of us paid for. Hulk Smash. Hulk Destroy. Hulk don’t look hurt. Whatever.

“The Incredible Hulk” is an improvement to the first adaptation since it stuck more closely to the comic book-like story telling. It’s a movie that will give you your adrenaline and cerebral fix, but does not overwhelm (which is too bad).  It’s no “Iron Man” but it is…adequate…

It gets a green 2.7 out of 5 or 54% infectious


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  1. gonzo said,

    imho, i liked the one with eric bana more. i like movies like that, but this one was okay too.

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