July 6, 2008

Choose Your Destiny.

Posted in Action, Movies, Thriller at 11:06 pm by inflickted

All summer blockbuster movies should aim for one description to be attached to their name: “KICK-ASS.” “Iron Man” was kick-ass, “Narnia” was kick-ass, “Kung-Fu Panda” was kick-ass! Don’t bore me with overly serious movies; this isn’t the time to vie for an Oscar. Make me laugh, get my blood pumping, excite me. ENTERTAIN ME. That’s it. Thankfully, “Wanted” was exactly what I…(wait for it)…wanted!

The movie “Wanted” is one incredible serving of action with a major dose of blood splattering violence. It. Is. Relentless. With all aspects! The Action, The Story, The Actors, The Cinematography, and did I say The Bloody Action?! Films like this should be the standard for future and all Summer Blockbuster movies. This is an outright action fest of sensory enchantment, carnal killing and orgasmic delight. This is my review of the flick “Wanted.”


The movie’s director, Timur Bekmambetov is truly imaginative and dynamic. I have been a big fan of his films such as “Night Watch,” and “Day Watch.” This film will be his official Hollywood debut and it completely screams his name. The unique action, the brutality, the deep character development; all are his signature styles of film-making. His brilliance imbues the characters with personality, layers, conflicts and emotions. He manipulates sets and shots to craft a beautiful choreography between the actors, the story and the scene. He blends slow, fast and normal speeds cleverly, making old tricks look new, and does amazing things with cars (the Wachowski’s can learn a thing or two). The Director uses CGI masterfully, interweaved in with reality in such a way that we barely even notice it is computer-generated. We know that what we are seeing is impossible, but set against a backdrop we are familiar with, it seems so real. Also, he made the film for an adult audience (thus the R rating), never pandering to pre-teens, which allows for much more intrigue and subtext.

Phew! Now the Actors! And boy were they great! James McAvoy totally owed this film! As Wesley Gibson, his is an important role that many people can relate to, grounding it in reality even more. At first, when I heard the narration (voiced by McAvoy with an American accent), I was bothered, but got over it quickly. There is fantastic character development to where you openly root for, and get nervous for Wesley as he attempts to learn about his secret destiny. McAvoy rises above, not as a brutal freak, but as a tortured soul. You can feel what he feels when he was being battered or when he was scared or when he smashed a keyboard on his best friend’s face. You are not only witnesses to his endeavors and transformation, but you also become emotionally invested in him. McAvoy’s performance makes the character more human despite all the outlandish things happening around him. Angelina Jolie radiates a playful confidence with her character named “Fox.” Jolie’s characterization is a mixture of appraising glances and knowing smiles; as the story progresses, it becomes subtle and endearing even. She speaks volumes despite her minimalist lines. No woman has ever been this hot and dangerous at the same time. Morgan Freeman as “Sloan” was also wonderful to watch. Only he can deliver lines with so little effort but with so much power that you believe everything he says.

The film is grungy and bloody in a bullet-through-the-forehead, knife-through-the-chest sort of way, breaking social norms and the laws of physics, but who wants to quibble over physics or logic when the action is this mesmerizing? It’s single weakness being the absurdity of a “Loom of Fate” is completely overlooked, since you become so engrossed in the characters, their emotions and their own fates. In fact, the absurdities are so relentlessly entertaining that you just won’t care. You just take everything in stride and enjoy the mind-blowing happenings.

“Wanted” is a beautiful spectacle of exciting action, compelling emotion and remarkable direction. It’s a non-stop bloody ride that will leave you fascinated, excited and undoubtedly happy. This is the kind of film intelligent people make and they do it without any inhibition or restraint. And after it all you too will realize that this is the action flick you too have always…(wait for it)…WANTED.

It gets a kick ass 4.6 out of 5 or 92% infectious



  1. shinjishinji said,

    Hindi ko muna binasa, may spoilers eh. Hahaha! Anyway, I have yet to see this one. But so far, I’ve been seeing good reviews. Bahala na!

  2. gonzo said,

    ganda ng review! nagenjoy ako sa movie, sana lang it was less bloody. hihihi!

  3. Juice said,

    Like I said in my short review, this movie was intensely exaggerated but in such a beautiful way! At first I was also a little bothered by McAvoy’s narration but got over it pretty clearly coz let’s face it, this guy can fucking act! He’s sooo good. With Angie and Morgan, this movie can do no wrong definitely. It’s crazy!! Hahaha I LOVED IT. Love love lalalalove! I love intensely gory movies which scream of bullets rather than sharp things, story-wise it may not be my favorite, but the character development, the involvement of every little thing was so out there. I should shut up now, even though I want to say more! Hahaha.

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