January 24, 2009

Shoot First. Sightsee Later.

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In Burges Poster

Bruges is a town in Belgium which is the home of many a famous buildings, museums, beautiful bridges and canals. It is also the setting for a movie that is bloody exciting and darkly hilarious. It’s a killer comedy with valuable dramatic undertones entitled, “In Bruges”.

The movie tells of two Irish hitmen who hideaway in a Belgian city called Bruges. As they wait for instructions from their boss, the two go around town, do some sightseeing and talk about their pasts, beliefs and shame. Things go crazy, emotions get tangled and lives are ended as the story unravels “In Bruges”

This movie, is director Martin McDonagh’s first full length film offering and it did not disappoint. Aside from being well-directed, it was also creatively written (also by McDonagh). Each line the actors spoke was purposeful, funny and sharp.  It was the script that totally blew the film over the top. The movie was intense and full of drama because it talks about the feeling of guilt, the idea of honor and death. However, because of the way it was delivered, it virtually was weightless to watch.

The two hitmen in which the story revolves around are “Ken” played by Brendan Gleeson (popularly known for his portrayal as “Mad Eye” Moody in Harry Potter films), and “Ray” performed by Colin Farrell (“Alexander” and “Tigerland”). Ralph Fiennes (“The Constant Gardener” and Lord Voldemort in “Harry Potter”) played the edgy boss of the two hitmen. Excellent performances all around given that the three dominated most (if not all) of the screen time. What else would you expect from the veteran actors? One thing though, I was never really a fan of Farrell’s acting, but man, he got me in this movie hook, line and sinker. Kudos to him for a wonderful performance. This is the kind of role he should do more of, and stay away from ambiguously gay conqueror roles.

This film was a shocker for me. I still can’t believe I like it this much. I also can’t believe it only got one Oscar nom. The story is full of twists, the script is riddled with hilarious quips and the limited cast allows us to focus on each character’s predicaments. I was fully drawn in by the movie, relishing each turn the director takes. The sheer brilliance of this film is that it shies away from the tried-and-tested and goes with a bolder, more thrilling approach; as do all brilliant movies do.

It  gets a f@#king 4.7 out of 5 or 94% infectious


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