January 29, 2009

Why So Serious?

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dark_knightRarely can a sequel surpass its predecessor, more so, if the film in question is about a comic book superhero. However, there are always exceptions. This particular movie is just that. It greatly improves upon the flaws, loose ends and shortcomings of its predecessor (however few they maybe) and at the same time bringing to the table a brand new feast for the senses. Something this brilliant goes beyond your average sequel. It’s given a new vision and is re-imagined for a more adult audience; the kind that grew up with the comic book.

The movie is so brilliant, it didn’t even need the titular character in the name of the movie (it’s the first one not to use the iconic name). It is so uncompromising, that the film is brutally shocking (even terrifying for some). My expectations for the movie were so high because of all the hype, yet it still blew me away. What can a movie fan do when he witnesses brilliance? All you can do is sit back, take in all the movie has to offer, and put a great big smile on your face. This is my review for the best comic book-based movie ever made, “The Dark knight”.

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January 24, 2009

Shoot First. Sightsee Later.

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In Burges Poster

Bruges is a town in Belgium which is the home of many a famous buildings, museums, beautiful bridges and canals. It is also the setting for a movie that is bloody exciting and darkly hilarious. It’s a killer comedy with valuable dramatic undertones entitled, “In Bruges”.

The movie tells of two Irish hitmen who hideaway in a Belgian city called Bruges. As they wait for instructions from their boss, the two go around town, do some sightseeing and talk about their pasts, beliefs and shame. Things go crazy, emotions get tangled and lives are ended as the story unravels “In Bruges”

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July 6, 2008

Saving The World…And Loving It.

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According to the film gods, “Get Smart” is a big-screen adaptation of Mel Brook’s spy parody television series with the same name. Although I am unfamiliar with the said TV series, I am a fan of Steve Carell’s dead-pan type of comedy. So it wasn’t difficult to convince myself that the movie is going to be funny and that Carell’s brand of comedy will be seen throughout the movie.

The film can be considered a nostalgic trip to those who saw the 1960’s TV show, but to us unfortunate youth, we are treated to a slapstick blockbuster filled with humor, action, and goofy dialogues. Get Smart is yet another welcome addition to this year’s summer film season.

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April 3, 2008

There Are No Clean Getaways

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I have always loved gruesome movies. I think the number of horror film reviews I posted here can prove that. I have seen fountains of blood and chopped of limbs. It is one genre of the cinema that has a special place in my heart. And, if the gore is coupled with excellent story-tellers, what more can I ask for!

The Coen brothers are no strangers to gore and violence. They have created magnificent films and their latest offering is no exception. No Country For Old Men, is a suspense drama that is  set in the western times of Texas. The story and the characters are fueled by fate, carnage, and chances. It is a faithful adaptation of the 2005 novel of Cormac McCarthy.

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September 1, 2007

Sometimes the only way to move forward, is to go back.

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AGTRYSThe movie “A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints,” like its title, is crafty, profound and at times unclear. This ode to the youth is from the writer and first time director Dito Montiel. The movie was loosely based on his autobiographical account of growing up in a multiethnic neighborhood where violence is the pulse beneath the skin, and eventually leaving everything for a better life.

This film is filled with emotional truths and improvised conversations. It is an imperfect creation of nostalgia and melancholy where the director had all the freedom he desired to remake a poignant story. It is so evocative of youth it makes you think you’ve been to this place and time before, even if you haven’t. This boldly flawed indie spouts attitude at every scene.

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