January 29, 2009

Why So Serious?

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dark_knightRarely can a sequel surpass its predecessor, more so, if the film in question is about a comic book superhero. However, there are always exceptions. This particular movie is just that. It greatly improves upon the flaws, loose ends and shortcomings of its predecessor (however few they maybe) and at the same time bringing to the table a brand new feast for the senses. Something this brilliant goes beyond your average sequel. It’s given a new vision and is re-imagined for a more adult audience; the kind that grew up with the comic book.

The movie is so brilliant, it didn’t even need the titular character in the name of the movie (it’s the first one not to use the iconic name). It is so uncompromising, that the film is brutally shocking (even terrifying for some). My expectations for the movie were so high because of all the hype, yet it still blew me away. What can a movie fan do when he witnesses brilliance? All you can do is sit back, take in all the movie has to offer, and put a great big smile on your face. This is my review for the best comic book-based movie ever made, “The Dark knight”.

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July 12, 2008

There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there’s…

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Here’s a question, why is it, despite Will Smith’s charisma and box office success, he hasn’t played a superhero until now? Plus, the role he plays is a drunk, insensitive a-hole of a superhero. It could be the lack of a “proper” role to play, or maybe because of traditionalist reasons. It could even be a racial thing, but let’s leave that kind of politics to the children. Whatever the case maybe, Hollywood has a way of creating something somewhat original from a pool of what’s already been done. And finally, we see Will Smith in tights and with super powers.

We get a movie about a superhero who isn’t really much of a hero. The film makers treat the genre in a more realistic light, by continuously asking the question: What would a man with superpowers do in a world where he is the only one of his kind? And also, what if the people in that world didn’t like him? It would be an insight – ironically – into the human psyche of a super being living in a mortal world. It has a great premise to back up the great actor. This is my review of the movie, “Hancock”.

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July 5, 2008

You’ll Like Him When He’s Angry

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The Incredible Huly

“The Hulk” was once brought to the big screen by the great Ang Lee five years ago. However, his take on the marvel character was a disappointing one because it did not stick to the comic book-like storytelling and delivery. But I guess, the movie grossed enough to warrant a second take on this not-so-jolly green giant anti-hero.

Special effects and primal rage dominate the summer’s second movie about a Marvel Comics super hero. This Hulk movie can be defined with one word, “adequate.” It’s nowhere as well written or as involving as its Marvel predecessor, “Iron Man” but it’s also not without its good points. An excess of drippy romance notwithstanding, The Incredible Hulk is the kind of straightforward popcorn movie that any hot blooded teen will certainly enjoy.

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June 10, 2008

Everything You Know Is About To Change Forever.

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Prince Caspian“The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” is the second movie loosely based (there are a lot of discrepancies between the film and the book) from the fantasy series of author C.S. Lewis. Like the first of the franchise, the strength of this fantasy adventure lies in the juxtaposition of two separate worlds and our ability to view Narnia through the eyes of the four young protagonists. You experience their lives, exploits and their hearts. What more do you expect from the author and Disney?

So with any other epic film, you’d expect grand fight sequences, spectacular effects and dramatic themes and storylines. Prince Caspian definitely belongs to this category and definitely delivers on what is asked of it. It is safe to say that this sequel is better. But by not much.

One line can summarize my whole review: “Too many fights, not enough magic.”

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June 6, 2008

Harold Crick Isn’t Ready To Go. Period.

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Stranger Than Fiction“Stranger Than Fiction” is a film which entertained my eyes as well as my mind. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about the fact that Will Ferrell is playing a leading role where in comedy is not the main facet of his character. The movie basically takes a gimmick and makes it touching, which is kind of a role we don’t normally see Will Ferrell in.

An offbeat fantasy, “Stranger Than Fiction” is a romantic comedy which delivers on both (romance and comedy); then completely surpasses your expectations from the genre. There are some glitches here and there in the overall story, but the appeal of the film remains. This was unexpectedly wonderful and fun at the same time. This is my looong overdue request-a-review of the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.”

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May 26, 2008

Armor Up. Fully Charged.

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Iron ManIt is so rare that I am blown away by a movie. Usually, I love a movie because of its deep evocative story line, or maybe the stellar performance from the actors or maybe the excellent direction and cinematography. Rarer even that it is a mainstream movie. “Iron Man” captures a piece of excellence in every category, leaving me stunned and speechless. If you can’t tell yet, I loved the movie. It is a masterpiece among its peers and fulfills every need of a movie-goer.

The thing about “Iron Man” is that, without Robert Downey Jr., it wouldn’t have worked. Despite the great effects, excellent direction, soundtrack and script, you just can’t see it without Robert Downey Jr. But of course, the actor is also nothing without all the things I’ve mentioned. This is what you call perfect chemistry. Ha! I can’t believe you can already tell the rating I’m gonna give based on the first two paragraphs! Please, stay and continue reading how much the movie made me swoon for “Iron Man!”

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The Battle For Eternity Is The Fantasy Of A Lifetime

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The Forbidden kingdom

When I first saw the poster for a movie, my jaw dropped. Jackie Chan AND Jet Li, in one movie?! KEWL! Two of Asia’s biggest stars finally working together in one project! Just think of all that martial arts goodness! Plus, the poster wasn’t too bad! The billing for Jackie Chan and Jet Li’s names was cool. Jackie Chan’s name was written horizontally and Jet Li’s was written vertically across Chan’s, which was a smart in order to avoid any who-is-the-bigger-star issues.

The tandem idea, though a little late in the game (you gotta admit, Chan and Li is past their prime), is a welcome addition to the world of martial arts films. The problem is, the story isn’t really about them. When you see the poster, you get the impression that they ARE the main characters. But they’re not. Despite this fact, the movie, “The Forbidden Kingdom” promises to be full of action and entertainment.

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