March 17, 2008

Something Has Found Us

Posted in Action, Horror, Monster, Movies, Sci-Fi at 5:22 pm by inflickted

cloverfieldViral Marketing – as I’ve learned through my Business Management course – any form of advertising that is so compelling that you can’t help yourself but tell other people about it. It is a marketing phenomenon more commonly known as word-of-mouth. This variety of promotion has been used in advertising movies which can lead to an overwhelming hype for the film. It can create great curiosity and demand for the movie but can also leave it to be a disappointing mess (remember Snakes On A Plane? What suckfest that turned out to be!)

“Cloverfield” is a motion picture that employed the same strategy. A trailer that had no title for the movie and had little information and the rolling head of the Statue of Liberty, it created a massive buzz. But, did the film live up to its hype? Or come crashing down like other movies that have done the same marketing decisions?

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