July 5, 2008

You’ll Like Him When He’s Angry

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The Incredible Huly

“The Hulk” was once brought to the big screen by the great Ang Lee five years ago. However, his take on the marvel character was a disappointing one because it did not stick to the comic book-like storytelling and delivery. But I guess, the movie grossed enough to warrant a second take on this not-so-jolly green giant anti-hero.

Special effects and primal rage dominate the summer’s second movie about a Marvel Comics super hero. This Hulk movie can be defined with one word, “adequate.” It’s nowhere as well written or as involving as its Marvel predecessor, “Iron Man” but it’s also not without its good points. An excess of drippy romance notwithstanding, The Incredible Hulk is the kind of straightforward popcorn movie that any hot blooded teen will certainly enjoy.

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June 18, 2008

We’ve Sensed It. We’ve Seen The Signs. Now… It’s Happening.

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M. Knight. Shyamalan has been touted as the next Alfred Hitchcock of movies because of his subtlety in translating horror, thrill and suspense into the big screen. A great example of this is his widely successful and absolutely spine chilling horror, “Sixth Sense.” Ever since then, Shyamalan has been praised for his great attention to character development, creepy moments and twist endings.

Unfortunately, the promising director has been losing his touch with his other offerings. “Unbreakable” was only mildly successful, “Signs” was the same, “The Village” was not as good as hoped and “Lady in the Water” was unimpressive, to say the least. One thing I do notice is that there are certain aspects of the movie which are really good, but in the whole, it cannot be saved by these few gems.

For his latest offering Shyamalan brings back to us his idea of making something so innocuous, be so frightening. Hopefully his downward spiral ends here. This is the review for “The Happening.”

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June 3, 2008

He’s Back…

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Indiana JonesSummer blockbusters have gained the notoriety for being “critic-resistant”. Big budget flicks which offer spectacular distractions for the entertainment craved masses, and no matter how bad the critics say the movie is, it still manages to make money.

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is the embodiment of a summer blockbuster. It is the long awaited and much dreamt about 4th follow-up on the Indiana Jones franchise. I have seen two of the previous sequels (“Raiders…” and “Last Crusade”) and they were beyond great, especially the first one.  Many have wondered whether Harrison Ford still has it in him to create another awesome adventure movie despite his age. As I entered the movie theatre, I did not expect the movie to surpass the first installment, but I did expect it to be a great sequel; which it was.

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June 2, 2008


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Speed Racer

I am telling you now I am unfamiliar with the English-adapted-anime-turned-movie called Speed Racer. But I do have some idea. I’ve seen show on cartoon network (although I didn’t really watch it). I remember that the cartoon is very shallow (plot-wise) and the voice actors are seemingly on crack as they issue their lines.

And the movie isn’t different. Spectacular Saturation is a great way of describing the action and the effects the movie has to offer. But at the same time, the film is challenged by its limited script. Speed Racer challenges us to see the movie in the different perspectives of a movie-goer. One may see it as an offering which is all style but no substance and dismiss it. Another is based on the notion that the style’s scope is so innovative and intricate that it is seemingly art. Of course each perspective is to their own and cannot be imposed. So which is mine?

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May 26, 2008

Armor Up. Fully Charged.

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Iron ManIt is so rare that I am blown away by a movie. Usually, I love a movie because of its deep evocative story line, or maybe the stellar performance from the actors or maybe the excellent direction and cinematography. Rarer even that it is a mainstream movie. “Iron Man” captures a piece of excellence in every category, leaving me stunned and speechless. If you can’t tell yet, I loved the movie. It is a masterpiece among its peers and fulfills every need of a movie-goer.

The thing about “Iron Man” is that, without Robert Downey Jr., it wouldn’t have worked. Despite the great effects, excellent direction, soundtrack and script, you just can’t see it without Robert Downey Jr. But of course, the actor is also nothing without all the things I’ve mentioned. This is what you call perfect chemistry. Ha! I can’t believe you can already tell the rating I’m gonna give based on the first two paragraphs! Please, stay and continue reading how much the movie made me swoon for “Iron Man!”

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March 17, 2008

Something Has Found Us

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cloverfieldViral Marketing – as I’ve learned through my Business Management course – any form of advertising that is so compelling that you can’t help yourself but tell other people about it. It is a marketing phenomenon more commonly known as word-of-mouth. This variety of promotion has been used in advertising movies which can lead to an overwhelming hype for the film. It can create great curiosity and demand for the movie but can also leave it to be a disappointing mess (remember Snakes On A Plane? What suckfest that turned out to be!)

“Cloverfield” is a motion picture that employed the same strategy. A trailer that had no title for the movie and had little information and the rolling head of the Statue of Liberty, it created a massive buzz. But, did the film live up to its hype? Or come crashing down like other movies that have done the same marketing decisions?

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February 2, 2008

What Hides In Life Is Found In Death

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Deaths of Ian StoneI admire film makers who have great ambition and take the risk of creating a piece of work which embodies their ideas despite having a small budget. Many have succeeded but still many fail to realize their target. But still you can’t help but give them props for trying and working hard in achieving a great movie.

This review shall also be about an ambitious idea that had a small budget. It has been considered as one of the most anticipated movies in the last year’s “8 films to die for” at the After Dark Horrorfest. The title of the movie itself holds so much promise, but can the movie itself hold up to the public’s expectations? This is the review for The Deaths Of Ian Stone.

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